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ClearArc® is a new, virtually invisible aligner available only at a ClearArc Aligner Center of Excellence. You can find a location near you inside Western Dental & Orthodontics  2948 UNIVERSITY AVENUE, SAN DIEGO, California 92104. To book or confirm an appointment, call (619) 474-2956.

Every ClearArc Aligner Center of Excellence is staffed by licensed orthodontists who will start you on your way to a beautiful, straight smile. After determining if you’re a candidate for ClearArc, they will take an impression of your teeth then work with our lab to provide you with a set of ClearArc aligner trays. You’ll check in with your orthodontist periodically to ensure the best possible results. You can schedule follow up visits in person or online through our teledentistry portal. 

In addition to orthodontics, each office offers a full range of dental services provided by onsite dentists, hygienists and specialists. 

You’ll find a ClearArc Aligner Center of Excellence at most Western Dental & Orthodontics and Brident offices throughout California, Texas, Nevada and Arizona. Click here to find a location near you. For information on COVID-19 steps we are taking to keep you and our team members safe, visit: COVID-19 Updates.

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