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ClearArc® is a revolutionary, removable, clear teeth straightening solution exclusively provided by orthodontists at Western Dental & Orthodontics and Brident locations recognized as a ClearArc® Center of Excellence for meeting high quality standards and completing specialized clinical training. ClearArc® providers can found throughout California, Texas, Arizona and Nevada.

ClearArc® was developed in response to patients looking for a more affordable, stain-resistant clear aligner that straightens the entire smile (not just the few front teeth) and is administered by a dedicated orthodontist from start to finish. Every orthodontist at a ClearArc® Center of Excellence has completed thorough training to determine if ClearArc® is an appropriate course of treatment in your unique case.

If you’re approved as a candidate for ClearArc®, the orthodontist will take an impression of your teeth and work with our lab to provide you with a set of ClearArc® trays to be used throughout your treatment, usually 9 to 18 months. You’ll check in with your orthodontist periodically (or as often as you like), to make sure your treatment is staying on track. And you can schedule your follow up visits with them in person or online through our teledentistry portal.

In addition, because we’re in every Western Dental and Brident office, you’ll have access to a full range of dental services provided by onsite dentists, hygienists and specialists. That’s an added bonus at every ClearArc® Center of Excellence. Click here to find the office nearest you.

To learn how ClearArc® is superior to any other clear aligner available, click here.

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