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Perfectly Paired

Straighten teeth at home safely guided by an Orthodontist
(with in person check-in visits with your orthodontist as needed)

Exclusively at    Western DentalBrident

Finally, straight teeth within reach.

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Less expensive. Less expensive.

60% less expensive than traditional braces and almost half the cost of other aligner brands (plus, we offer bite-sized monthly payment plans)

Dedicated orthodontist. Dedicated orthodontist.

A dedicated orthodontist always oversees your treatment plan from diagnosis to completion.

More effective. More effective.

Straightens your entire smile (not just a few front teeth)

More discreet. More discreet.

Crystal clear, stain resistant, and easily removable with fewer attachments make them virtually invisible

Here’s what our patients have to say about us

Tifany V.

“I only trust my smile to a professional orthodontist and would have not considered treatment if I had to have anything glued on my teeth.”

Chris L.

“They are extremely comfortable and very discreet. I also love how my bite has improved so much in such a short time.”

Dr. Hany Youssef, DDS, MS Board
Certified Orthodontist

“ClearArc aligners provide superior results at a much more manageable price for my patients.”

**Reported by the 2017IBIS World Industry Report as the national industry leader in volume of orthodontic care provided to patients.

Straighten teeth at home safely guided by an Orthodontist

ClearArc® is a revolutionary, removable, clear teeth straightening solution exclusively provided by orthodontists at Western Dental & Orthodontics and Brident locations recognized as a ClearArc® Center of Excellence for meeting high quality standards and completing specialized clinical training. ClearArc® providers can found throughout California, Texas, Arizona and Nevada.

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